Ann’s Story

Hi, my name is Ann. I am Tom’s big sister. I am in Senior Infants now in my lovely bright new school.

I love Tom very much but my life changed when he was born.

My parents were in hospital a lot with Tom and I was very lonely and worried a lot. When they came home they were very tired and didn’t talk much.

Sometimes at night, I would hear my mam crying and dad going up and down the stairs to check on Tom. He has a room that had to be specially built for him because he can’t get up the stairs. He also has a camera in the room so that nothing bad can happen to him.

When I am on holidays I go with my mam or dad to bring Tom to the Centre. Sometimes when it’s raining we all get wet taking Tom out of the car to put him in the wheelchair.

They are trying so hard to build a new centre

It is a very busy place with people coming and going all the time. It is a very old building but the people are very nice. In the summer we have a special day with other children who have brothers and sisters who attend the Centre. We play games, make Rice Krispies buns, do Yoga, Gymboree and talk about our worries.

My parents get very tired caring for us, especially Tom, as he needs so much help to keep him safe strong and healthy. That is why they are trying so hard to build a new Centre that will take Tom for short breaks and make sure that he gets what he needs.