At present

  • There are no onsite parking spaces
  • We have to cross a busy road everyday
  • We often get wet from the rain and the puddles
  • Our playground is small and we have no wheelchair adapted outdoor seating area
  • We are based in the city centre with very little space for expansion

In the near future (with your financial support)

  • Covered wheelchair accessible drop off points
  • Drive through car park
  • Large car park for parents, therapists, staff and visitors
  • Large landscaped gardens
  • Peaceful space with sensory stimulatory influences (colour, smell, sound)
  • Sheltered seating/picnic area
  • Wheelchair accessible play area suitable for our visiting siblings

Help us reach our target

We have a lot of money yet to raise so any support you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Raised so far:
€1.5M Target:
€1.5 million


At present

  • Our entrance hall is full of buggies, wheelchairs and standing frames that we have nowhere to store
  • We have one main activity room, where we play, eat and learn
  • The windows are too high which means we can’t see out
  • The noise gets very loud which makes some of my friends cry
  • The space is very small; some my friends need to lie on beanbags and we need to spread big mats on the floor for physio and stretching exercises
  • The building is not fit for purpose so we can’t use it for sleepovers at night time
  • The corridors are very narrow; only one wheelchair can use it at a time
  • The paint is chipped, ceilings have water stains from a long history of leaks
  • My mam feels sad dropping me off every day because my brother has a beautiful big bright new school, and he doesn’t have special needs
  • There are only two staff toilets and no staff showering facilities

In the near future (with your financial support)

  • A big bright welcoming reception area, with seating annexes for informal hand overs
  • A large buggy and wheelchair parking bay
  • Big bright rooms for all our different activities
  • A separate sleeping area for taking little naps
  • Brightly coloured child friendly walls and wider corridors where wheelchair users can pass each other easily
  • A new sensory room where we can relax and be on our own if the need arises
  • Different therapeutic rooms where we can do our speech, language and occupational therapy sessions without my friends distracting me, making it easier for me to concentrate and participate
  • Full length windows so all of us in wheelchairs can see outside, and maybe a large patio area where I can be outside in the fresh air when I’m well enough
  • The rooms should have lighting and sound technology that is less sensory challenging than our current room
  • Bright canteen for us and our staff
  • Large staff locker room with toilets and showers